Get Your Mancard!

Many Men talk about having a Mancard, but very few actually have a Mancard. Men stop talking about it and get one. Your own personalized Mancard. It is yours to lose! Get it! Keep it! And Don’t let it Get Revoked!

Members Son

Picture of Dj playing Pop Warner

Several of us are not just men, but also fathers! Please submit your pictures to We would like to feature the future Mancard holders.

T-shirts In Your Team Colors


Get a T-shirts in your son’s or daughter’s team colors. And be proud to tell everyone that you are a father of a son or daughter that plays on the hard wood (Basketball), father of one of the boys of fall (Football), 0r that play on the diamond (Baseball).

Men! Man up!


And yes we believe in Jesus to! We are strong men! And strong men believe!